Disgusting: Urine Soaked Business Class Seat On British Airways


Wow, in-flight stories don’t get much more horrific than this.

A poor man travelling to Jamaica booked a Business Class flight with his wife so that he could fly in luxury. Instead of luxury, he took his seat and quickly noticed a previous passengers urine was soaking through his trousers from the seat. Ugh. He said:

“We were on board the plane and made our way to our seats and so I sat down with a glass of Champagne and thought this is brilliant.

“Then I noticed that the pillow that I was sat on was a little damp and I stood up and then so were my trousers.

“I turned the pillow over and you could see that the pillow and the entire seat was saturated in urine. The cabin crew tried to take the seat cover off and it was disgusting as it had soaked right though.

“I had to move seats and I was not able to sit with my wife for the flight which was really disappointing as well.”

British Airways moved him to another seat away from his wife, put his trousers in a plastic bag (but didn’t pay laundry bills to wash them) and offered him 40,000 Avios compensation.

Was this fair? Not in my opinion. I look forward to my Club Class flights. I pay the extra so that I have a really lovely in-flight experience. This experience was the opposite to lovely.

I think this passenger should have been refunded for this leg of his flight as his experience was horrible.

This was British Airways’ fault. The seat should have been checked and removed before the passengers boarded the flight. They should have admitted this and refunded this passenger accordingly.

Of course, the mind boggles regarding why the previous passenger would urinate in their seat in the first place, and this issue is not solely a problem with BA passengers. These serial urinators fly on all airlines and similar episodes have been reported across the world. Disgusting.

I like BA and choose to travel BA because I like the air staff and the pilots. I am however so often disappointed by BA’s management when they do not behave honourably and refund this passenger.

This incident does not put me off flying British Airways. They have well-maintained planes and offer a decent product overall. For the routes I fly, British Airways is also very convenient.

I will, however, be patting down my seat before sitting down on my next fight to ensure that I don’t feel urine soaking through my leggings. Ugh!

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