Cabin Carnage! Passengers Hospitalized After Terrible Turbulence On Miami Flight


This is a reminder to all frequent flyers to keep your seatbelt buckled!

Last week, Aerolineas Argentinas flight AR1303, flew from Miami to Buenos Aires. The turbulence experienced by passengers on this flight was terrible. Of 192 passengers on board, 15 were badly injured in turbulence. 8 were hospitalised.

Pictures from the flight on social media show the state of the cabin after the turbulence:

Credit: @marianalfaro

Credit: @ Conradoaviacion

According to the airline:

The incident occurred in the flight phase called ‘cruise’ and was immediately reported by the commander in charge of the aircraft.

The company arranged its medical equipment at the arrival of the flight to assist those passengers who suffered blows or bruises due to the sudden movements that this type of atmospheric conditions cause.

Once the turbulence zone was crossed, the crew in charge of the flight dedicated to assist the injured passengers and to relieve the general condition of the 192 passengers.

…Upon arrival, the medical assistance teams carried out the corresponding health care and applied the necessary care to each of the affected persons.

Surprisingly, this flight did not divert.

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