Will You Find Love On Your Next Flight?


When I fly, I am looking to get from A to B in as much style as I can afford. I am happily married and I always travel with my family, so it never occurred to me that aeroplanes might make a more effective hunting ground for a partner than a nightclub!

Yes really! According to a recent study by HSBC, flying is what Tom Cruise probably put best in the movie Top Gun; “a target rich environment”. It makes sense really. If you choose a particular airline and are travelling on your own or with friends to a specific destination that you like, you are immediately travelling with passengers who like the same destination as you. These passengers have also chosen to travel on that airline in that particular class.

Equally, if you are a regular business traveller on a particular airline and you meet someone in the business class seat next to you, there is a good chance that they do a similar level of high powered job as you, immediately giving you something in common.

Of course, it doesn’t always work out. Just watch the 2009 movie Up In The Air which highlights how wrong these romances can go.

That said, according to this new study, 1 in 50 people find love on an aeroplane. At the extreme, an Emirates high-density Airbus A380 flight with 615 seats will generate 12 love matches.

This survey took in the opinions of 2,150 people across 141 countries. Interestingly, whether you are looking for love or not, the piece by HSBC finds “one in seven fliers makes a lasting friendship while flying while 16% add a new business connection to their network.”

I often ponder the sales pitch that I could make on the flights I travel on, regarding our own luxury travel concierge. I could probably offer at least 50% of the Business Class flyers in the cabin, cheaper future flight tickets if only I bothered to network around the cabin like I do at trade shows.

The same goes for the hotels I stay in. When I was most recently at the Four Seasons Geneva (a gorgeous property by the lake), I pondered chucking a bunch of my business cards at the guests and telling them to book with us next time to get free upgrades, breakfast and spend in the bar.

Of course, I am ever-so-British and the horror and embarrassment of potentially being shamefully escorted out of the wonderful bar or restaurant because I am hawking our travel agency would be too much to handle. So I doubt I will make any business contacts on my next flight and I am blessed to have found love already.

I am clearly one of the 6 out of 7 travellers who simply use my flights to get from A to B!

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