When You Should NOT Take Your Free Flight Upgrade


No I am not mad. There are moments where it is just plain wrong to take up your free flight upgrade. I am often reminded of this conundrum by a friend of mine who takes his free upgrade to Business Class, enjoys the free booze and food, the extra space and possibility of sleeping, while his son and wife sit in Economy.

I just would not do this. For a start, I am a nervous frequent flyer and the thought of being at the other end of the plane from my loved ones in the case of emergency horrifies me. I also would feel miserable at not being able to share my experience, fine dining, wine and space and amenities while my family sat in cattle class.. If one of us is going to suffer the discomfort of lack of space, mediocre food and all the goodies Economy has on offer, we all will, together, as a team.

Now I have an even more interesting scenario to discuss which was reported on View From The Wing.

Have a read of the insert from the Washington Post‘s dating column,

“I am in a fairly new relationship (three months) with an attorney who divorced after 25 years of marriage. He loves to travel and told me that since he has a lot of airline miles, he books coach and always gets an upgrade to first class.

So when he and his wife, and then one girlfriend before he met me, travelled together, she sat in coach and he took the upgrade and sat in first class. At first, I thought he was kidding.

I really don’t like the thought of that type of arrangement, as I find the message rather insulting. I think he should either sit in coach with me or pay extra for me to sit with him in first class. He has money, and I don’t. I also don’t know what to say to make him see that this is demeaning. Any suggestions?”

IMHO this is a dealbreaker. Don’t even ask this chap to upgrade you. If he doesn’t want to pay for you to sit up front with him (when he can afford it) then expect the relationship to continue in this format and the lack of sharing will most probably get worse as you lose your novelty value. If this man is not willing to sacrifice an upgrade he is unlikely to make sacrifices when they’re really important. You will not change him. Move on girlfriend!

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