This week, the trend of running after planes on the tarmac was perpetuated further as a man scaled a fence at LAX and headed towards a Delta flight that was preparing to leave.

Apparently, the man had been attempting to touch the engines before heading to the tarmac to do is exercises. Yes, you read correctly, in a bizarre turn of events, he started doing press-ups before being apprehended.

Of course, it didn’t end well and he was unsurprisingly removed from the tarmac by security! This chap is not the only person who has attempted scaling the fence at LAX. I for one, can’t imagine why you would want to? Was it a bet? Had the man taken a substance? Or was he just a nutter?

We shall probably never know but this joins my wall of shame for hideously embarrassing acts in aviation. For more hideously embarrassing acts, check out this woman who tried to upgrade for free and was dragged off her flight!

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