Did you read the story about the British Airways stewardess who videoed herself smelling her used tights?

Well, it is not only this stewardess who is using her looks to sell. Some airlines do exactly the same thing and go out of their way to hire young glamorous and single flight attendants.

India-based airline SpiceJet has age, height, weight and marital standards for new flight attendants. (HT: View From The Wing). Attendants must have a “[p]leasing personality with an unblemished complexion and good body language.”

Malaysian airline Malindo Air has required potential flight attendants to disrobe in their interviews and VietJet which unbelievably has a female founder puts her flight attendants in bikinis.

My favourite airline attendants tend to be on British Airways, where they are presentable but employed for their competence rather than their looks. The flight attendants are also very good on Austrian airlines.

I was less than impressed with the attendants on Qatar airways who, on my last flight, gossiped noisily by my Business Class seat throughout the night and then rammed a trolley into my legs while I was asleep. Good luck in sleeping on that flight! That said, I Qatar undoubtedly beat Vietjet with their bikini attendants. I cannot imagine how uncomfortable this flight is for many of the travellers.

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