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Accessories are a very important part of my luxury travel wardrobe and I always want special pieces that really inspire attention and have a story behind them. Jewellery is key to my look both when I’m at home and when I’m travelling and I was delighted to add another favourite brand to my collection recently when I stumbled across the very unique Wooden Ring Store.

About The Wooden Ring Store

As the name suggests, the Wooden Ring Store produce gorgeous rings made primarily of beautiful woods. The hand-crafted rings are all custom-made to perfectly fit your finger. The range includes rings for men, women and a unisex collection. The idea behind the business came when the founder wanted to propose to his then girlfriend and wanted a really special ring for the occasion, he made a beautiful wooden ring and the rest is history (she said yes by the way!). It seems rather appropriate that some the most popular pieces in the collection are engagement and wedding bands.


The rings are carefully and precisely cut to accentuate the grain of the wood. The stunning designs include a variety of rich woods including ebony, sycamore, walnut, rosewood and more. Several of the designs are also inlaid either with a contrasting wood or with striking and vibrant seashells creating a lovely beachy vibe and making these perfect for luxury travellers who love to always keep a piece of the beach with them. They are also light and comfortable to wear so work nicely for people not used to wearing traditional jewellery or who just like things that are a bit different.


A wooden ring is an excellent choice for the eco-conscious. Wood is used to produce the rings as it is sustainable as trees can regenerate. The specific wood used is often saved from high quality furniture left overs that would otherwise have gone to landfill; knowing it instead has been used to create something so beautiful makes them seem extra special.

Ebony Infinity Wedding Ring Set

I have fallen a little bit in love with the stunning Ebony Wedding Ring Set. The gorgeous ring set is made from a single piece of wood which comes from an Ebony tree. The wood is a type of heartwood, it is extremely valuable because the blacker Ebony wood is dense and grows inside or at the “heart” of a light-brown coloured wood. The narrower ring is plain and the thicker one has an onset white sycamore inlay which really stands out making for a really special wedding ring.

Wooden Ring Store

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