There is a real growing trend for cutting down on alcohol and for being able to have a great time without an alcoholic drink in hand. It is often coupled with the growing wellness movement and it certainly doesn’t have to be boring!

Check out the fabulous range from The Temperance Spirit Company who offer complete, well-rounded and adult-styled soft drinks.

The Mission!

The Temperance Spirit Company had a mission to create drinks which taste like your favourite alcoholic drinks, but without the alcohol; a drink which makes you feel part of the party, just without the alcohol.
The team decided to only use naturally sourced ingredients and botanicals, absolutely no artificial sweeteners and to keep the sugar content to a minimum. There seemed little point in removing the alcohol only to add in a load of other nasties!

The Temperance Spirit Company drinks are perfect for those who want to cut back, are the designated driver or just fancy a change from alcohol. People have their own personal reasons for choosing to cut back, be it pregnancy, religion or health reasons. So many of the traditional options available if you aren’t drinking alcohol are super-sweet and basically fizzy pop designed for kids! Sometimes you just want the taste of your favourite alcoholic beverage but without the alcoholic content.

The Drinks

The first drink in the range had to have the flavour of Gin and Tonic as gin is experiencing such a trend currently! Teetotal G‘n’T launched in 2015, delicious and just like the real thing just without the alcohol. It is made from natural ingredients and botanicals. Serve it chilled, straight from the fridge with ice and a slice just like you would a traditional G’n’T!

Following the success of the Teetotal G‘n’T, a new Dark Rum & Cola alternative was developed. The new Cuba Libre is made from natural ingredients, a superior blend of Caribbean flavours, selected spices and premium cola and, of course, no alcohol.

Dr Ian Jowett, Director and Chemist at The Temperance Spirit Company was over the moon with the result:
“We are particularly pleased with the taste, it has all the flavour of Dark Rum and Cola, yet only <0.5%abv and made only from natural ingredients. This superior blend of Caribbean flavours has been created using selected spices and premium cola and we believe will sit alongside Teetotal G'N'T very well"


The Teetotal G‘n’T was taken to festivals and food markets and the drinks received exceptional feedback from more than 10,000 individual samplings. The vast majority of people were quite unable to tell their G’n’T was a soft drink and were actually shocked to find out it was non-alcoholic! The perfect result!

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