Review: Dubai Key Bespoke Experiences


The fabulously vibrant city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is known for its luxury shops, resorts and restaurants, for its incredible nightlife and for its stunning ultramodern skyline – which includes among others the tallest building in the world and a palm shaped island! The glamour blends nicely with the historic too and the traditional souqs draw crowds just as much as the sparkling new malls. The only problem then is where to start! How does the luxury traveller know where to go, where to be seen and how to secure the best bookings? The answer, quite simply, is Dubai Key.

Who Are Dubai Key?

Dubai Key offer a tailor made service defined exactly to your individual or group requirements to show you the very best of the city. Your personal Dubai concierge helps you to get the most out of your time in Dubai and can assist with those tricky decisions about where to go, what to do and when to do it. They basically remove the stress, time and hassle from you, letting you start your holiday early and then relax and soak it up when you’re actually there. They can take care of all restaurant reservations, yacht rentals, bar and nightclub VIP bookings, luxury car hire and pool parties or beach club reservations as well as tours and excursions.

Dubai Key Unlimited Concierge Package

The best way to make use of their services is with the Dubai Key Unlimited Concierge Package. This means that before and during your stay in Dubai they take the entire experience off of your already overloaded plate! You have access to your concierge 24/7. They make all the recommendations to you, handle all reservations, bookings and so on, including restaurants, beach clubs, nightclubs, brunches, tours and more. They also have access to exclusive discounts so you make sure you get the best deals and the best extras thrown in too. Once everything is booked and confirmed, you are provided with the official formal Dubai Key itinerary so you and your group know exactly where to be and when.

Some of Dubai Key’s top recommendations for your time in Dubai include…

A Yacht Cruise

An absolute must-do in Dubai Key’s very valued opinion; any visit to Dubai must include a yacht cruise or a private yacht rental. Cruising the beautiful Dubai coastline, the Palm Jumeirah and more in a stunning yacht is a wonderful way to gain a completely different view of the city. Dubai Key take care of all arrangements on your behalf. You receive five-star service and a licensed captain and crew so you simply turn up, put the champagne on ice, turn up the tunes and sit back in style and enjoy the view.

Helicopter Tour of Dubai

Another fabulous way to get a different aspect on Dubai is to take to the skies! Choose from three aerial tour options guaranteeing breathtaking views and an unforgettable experience.

Desert Safari Experience

To really get under the skin of Dubai, head into the desert and experience first hand the stunning red sands of the Lahbab Desert. Go dune bashing, ride a camel, get a henna tattoo, go quad biking or play all day on the dune buggies – hours of fun and it’s a stunning experience being at the desert entertainment camp too.

Dubai Key

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