Picture Tour Inside The World’s Largest Aircraft (It Will Blow Your Mind!)

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In case you missed my article last week, the astounding Airlander interior was revealed at the Farnborough Air Show. This is a unique aircraft. The technology has been derived from a military programme which means that the aircraft can stay aloft for long periods of time and can travel very slowly or even hang in the sky.

Design Q have designed a ‘stateroom for the sky’, called Airlander 10. It nestles in the belly of Airlander giving the operators the ability to create a bespoke space for discerning guests, from the ultimate honeymoon in the Royal Suite, to an extended family gathering of up to 18 persons.

It features several luxury spaces in addition to the Royal Suite; multiple Private Horizon Suites, an extensive Infinity Suite offering unrivalled comfort, not forgetting the Altitude Bar, possibly the coolest the place in the world to enjoy your sundowners as the world slips by, very slowly, beneath your feet.

Howard, Founder & CEO, Design Q Ltd says “the closest analogy I can think of is, imagine The Orient Express in the sky, that level of opulence and luxury, but with the ability to get absolutely anywhere in the world, from Antarctica to the plains of Africa, to float about the mountains of Patagonia, or the glories of the Amazon. You are not constrained by where the rails take you, or a timetable, it gives you the freedom to go anywhere you desire.”

“Luxury is about nurturing the senses, providing delight by thoughtful touches down to the tiniest detail. Designed to be relaxing, the real wood flooring and the Tai Ping silk carpets lift the interior to a class of its own. The sofas, generous in proportion for total relaxation and with the unique ability to rotate, allow perfect outward vision through the massive panoramic windows, or they can turn to face inwards for evening social events.”

“Perhaps the ultimate experience is to sip sun-downers in the Altitude Bar as you float slowly over icebergs and glaciers, or perhaps the Victoria Falls, or even a cityscape like Manhattan. Does it get any better than that?”

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