Novexpert: Your Key To Anti Ageing

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I have been looking for a new skincare brand that works with my rather dry skin, and a friend introduced me to Novexpert Anti-ageing products from Paris.

I was immediately attracted by a number of their vitamin C related products promising to rejuvenate my skin and I was delighted by the results.

To give you a bit of background on Novexpert, the research for their magical anti-ageing creams takes place in the heart of Chevreuse Valley. The ethos of Novexpert fits with the kind of company that I like to be involved with, employing internationally renowned experts who work in a relaxed, supportive environment, with employee profit-sharing, meetings held outdoors, and a policy of openness to all ideas.

These researchers come from such diverse fields as skin biology, phytotherapy, green chemistry and dermatology, and they share the goal of providing you with unprecedented skincare products of uncompromised quality.

My top choice is their serums. They say “some drops will change everything” and sure enough, a week after using the serums, my skin seems to have more vitality, colour and bounce. Apparently, these “boosters” are concentrated in a flask in the same quantity as 21 hyaluronic acid injections. The aim is to provide smoothed and rejuvenated skin.

The Vitamin C serums (with the orange on the box) are formulated with 25% stabilised Vitamin C, to protect you from pollution, sun and stress. Another is formulated with not one but five omegas to nourish skin that is dry.

Bottom line, Novexpert skincare is key to your skincare regime in preventing ageing. Their specialised formulas provide proven results: up to 45% decrease in wrinkles after the first month. Anti-wrinkle effectiveness has been demonstrated on over 95% of volunteers.

I saw real results, so if you are trying to look younger, it is worth giving Novexpert a go.


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