Great news for frequent travellers who choose to fly Delta Air Lines. According to the Skift Global Forum which took place last Friday, Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian has shared with the world that they are going to make Wi-Fi free on Delta.

Bastian believes free Wi-Fi will be something that Delta will be offering in the not too distant future. There is nothing you need to do to get this Wi-Fi for now except wait.

Bastian estimated it could cost more than $1 million per plane to install wired IFE, while wireless IFE will cut that cost down “by two-thirds.”

Meanwhile, perhaps unsurprisingly, American Airlines is being hesitant about offering a free Wi-Fi.

Once again Delta looks like it is going to win when comparing their products in both Coach and Business. We have actually compared Delta Vs American Vs United Airlines in Business Class in more detail, so you can quite easily work out which airline offers the best product for your own travel, although this article was written pre free-wifi.

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