Heidi Klein Bikinis: Look Cool By The Pool


It is no secret that Heidi Klein is my favorite swimwear brand. It is a combination of the cut and the quality that attracts me, as well as the ultra-stylish designs.

I consider myself a bikini connoisseur. It’s a funny thing to be an expert in, but a perk of traveling so much is the requirement to visit hotel pools looking stylish and not always wearing the same thing!

Heidi Klein bikinis are better than all my other bikinis because they fit so well. The fabric is cut on a real woman, is thick so nothing embarrassing shows through or hangs out. Honestly, you can dive in or even slide into your resort pool wearing Heidi Klein and your bottoms won’t be wooshed off, your top will stay secure, and you have no worries about the material ripping, marking or pulling when you sit on a slightly uneven or rough pool edge (or rock on the beach etc).

Of course, buying a bikini is not all about practicality, but as Heidi Klein bikinis are reassuringly expensive, forgive me if I want them to last more than one summer! Actually, I still have my first white Heidi Klein bikini which must be almost 8 years old and it looks as good as new.

My favorite bikini from her current collection is her Monaco bikini which fits like a glove and accentuates all the right places. I was also attracted to the name as I bought my first Heidi Klein bikini in Monaco.

This season has a number of stunning new shapes and styles. I also like the strapless bikinis which are reversible and have a nautical feel.

Whatever you choose, be assured that you are buying one of the best, most stylish and most robust bikinis on the market. Look cool by the pool in Heidi Klein!

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