Disgusting Delta Uniforms Compared To Glamorous New Turkish Airlines Uniform


Turkish Airlines is not my first choice of airline when I fly. In fact, I have never flown with them and am unlikely to fly with them anytime soon. That said, unlike Delta Air Lines, who I DO choose to fly with, Turkish Airlines have an impressive new uniform.

The new uniforms from fashion designer Bilotta have been inspired by Istanbul’s spice markets, fusing of Eastern and Western influences, in acknowledgement of Turkey’s position on the map.

They say: “Unique and recognisable with a deep red and anthracite grey palette, the collection includes hats, gloves, dresses, bags and accessories. Another key aspect of the project is that the uniforms of cabin, cockpit, flying chefs, and ground services will be streamlined under a single design approach to offer the passengers to live a holistic brand experience. Bilotta’s designs bring together the form and function, an essential consideration for an airline that flies to most international destinations in the world. New designs were not only conceptualised in consultation with fashion leaders and Turkish Airlines’ own team of cabin crew, but tested rigorously on long-haul trial flights in different climates.”

We love the bright reds, classic greys and colourful neckerchiefs.

The launch of Turkish Airlines’ new look will coincide with the opening of Istanbul New Airport. Currently under-construction, the airport has ambitions to be the biggest in the world and is due to open in late October 2018.

Compare these to Delta’s purple dresses (although we don’t mind the Delta neckerchiefs) worn by the Delta’s 60,000 uniformed employees.

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