You may or may not be aware, that if you made or changed bookings on between 22:58 BST 21 August 2018 until 21:45 BST 5 September 2018 inclusive, your personal and financial details on, and on their app were compromised.

I made a booking and cancelled a booking between these times and dates and British Airways have emailed me to say “We’re truly sorry, but you may have been affected.” Furthermore they say “The personal information compromised includes full name, billing address, email address and payment card information. This includes your card number, expiry date and CVV. Unfortunately this information could be used to conduct fraudulent transactions using your account. We recommend that you contact your bank or credit card provider immediately and follow their advice.”

What You Need To Do

British Airways advises:

1. British Airways will never proactively contact you to request your personal or confidential information. If you ever receive an email or call, claiming to be from us, requesting this information, please report it to us straight away.

2. Review your credit card or bank account statements as soon as you can to check for unauthorised transactions or payments. If you suspect fraud, contact your bank immediately.

3. Do not respond to, or follow any web links from untrusted sources.

I went ahead and called American Express, as all my bookings on were made on my Amax cards and I was met by an automated message telling me to do nothing. In my App it says “British Airways Customer Data Breach. We are proactively monitoring the British Airways data breach. We will contact you if we suspect fraudulent activity on your Account. There is no need to take any action at this time. You will not be liable for any fraudulent charges and you can continue to use your Card. You can sign up for free fraud and account activity notifications via SMS and email..”

So I haven’t and I sit and wait…

If you did not make or change a booking on between these times, any stored cards you have on will not have been compromised.

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