Another Disgusting Airline Uniform? British Airways Undergoes Revamp


It seems to be the season for revamping airline uniforms, from the bright red outfits from Turkish Airlines to the recently revamped and ultimately disappointing Delta purple dresses. Every airline seems to be joining this bandwagon.

Now British Airways is using Savile Row tailoring expert, Ozwald Boateng OBE to develop new uniforms for the airline.

Boateng, who is known for bringing a modern contemporary twist to the classic British institution of tailoring, will be designing a collection for the airline’s 32,000 employees. The new uniform will form an important part of the airline’s celebrations for its Centenary next year.

Boateng, who launched his first womenswear collection this year, will be working closely with the airline’s employees throughout the development process, from shadowing them to understand their roles and how the uniforms need to perform, to design, testing and final delivery.

If the press image above is anything to go by, these new uniforms will actually be quite stylish, but with only one photo released, it is difficult to judge.

Ozwald, if you happen upon this article, we implore you to follow in the footsteps of Hainan airlines with their wonderful whimsical uniforms. How about dress prints inspired by Banksy or perhaps the iconic London skyline? Make us proud!

British Airways’ is investing £4.5 billion pounds for its customers over the next five years. Most notably, the airline will also be introducing a long overdue new Club World Business Class seat with direct aisle access next year.

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