A Travel Essential That You Didn’t Even Know You Needed!

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One of the joys of being a regular luxury traveler, other than the pure elation of traveling so much, is the fact that you get to know what you do and don’t need to pack.

My packing is not perfect. I have already previously mentioned our trip to Monaco in April 2018 when it rained almost constantly and my entire family had forgotten our coats! That said, I am a pretty good advisor on what you should take, even if I sometimes forget these essentials myself.

So what is my secret travel essential that you never knew you needed?

Now you may laugh and suggest that the hotels I stay in can’t possibly be five star if they don’t provide my item. Well, the item in question is a really good hairdryer and tongs and I can assure you that I only ever stay in five star or bespoke and special boutique hotels. But even when staying in five-star hotels, I often find the hairdryer unsatisfactory, if I can find it at all!

Last week we were staying in a wonderful suite (rooms 18 & 19) at the Royal Riviera luxury hotel which I can highly recommend if you plan a trip to the South Of France (check out my morning view and the pool). The hotel was fabulous, as always. The room was fabulous too, but could I find the hairdryer? No. I spent around 30 minutes searching for it which was a complete waste of my time. I did eventually find it behind the mirror in the bathroom. I hadn’t realized you could open the mirror…

So there you go. You may find a dryer in your luxury hotel room, but the search may be lengthy. Once found, the hotel hairdryer tends to be adequate at best. Sometimes they have other people’s hair burning away inside (yes, even if your hotel is 5 star L, the cleaners don’t usually check the state of the hairdryer). They are often already connected to the wall in an inconvenient location and they are almost always quite “used”. In fact, one that I came across recently was partially melted.

So the answer is to bring your own and this little set, the Limited Edition Alfa Italia Viaggio Gold travel mini styling set, comes with a super cute dual voltage mini travel hairdryer and mini travel hair straighteners, which deliver un-compromised professional results while you’re on the go.

The dryer is nicely powerful and the straighteners give your hair great shine. This little set might even save you money by reducing the need for using the resort hairdressers. It has everything you need and is compact enough to fit easily into your case. Perfect. Cute and useful.

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  • A Travel Essential That You Didn't Even Know You Needed!
    A Travel Essential That You Didn't Even Know You Needed!

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