10 Reasons Why You Should Fly Away TODAY


I spend far too much on luxury travel. It is my passion, my obsession and it brings me great joy, even when I have to face the nasty credit card bills on my return. Why do I travel so much? To experience the best life has to offer.

I can perhaps explain this better by my experience this morning. I awoke at the wonderful Royal Riviera hotel which I reviewed previously and which I love. The view from our room and the view which launched me into my day can be seen above. Magic.

What woke me was a notification from one of the many bits of technology that my husband has set up at home and that monitors our house at all times. My notification said that the lounge temperature has fallen below 17’C. So while I bask in the 27’C warmth on the Cote D’Azur, my friends and family are shivering back home in centrally heated houses probably plugged into the TV.

For me, this delightful lifestyle is enough to justify any amount of spend on travel. I do like to think I am clever with our budget. I always make use of free benefits such as breakfasts and spa treatments at hotels, even if that means switching hotels a few times during my holiday to maximise benefits.

We share these free upgrades, free breakfasts, deals and special benefits via our luxury travel concierge, so if you are planning to book a flight or a luxury hotel, please contact us to get a quote before booking.

Here are my 10 reasons why you should fly away today (or at least book your next trip today) and make the most of our beautiful planet.

My first reason is for the temperature. Be it warmth or cold, lazing by a pool under the sunshine or skiing down a slope, both are a million miles away from the drizzle and cold at home.

Next up is for life experiences. I spend 9 months of my year at home and 3 months away. In my 3 months away I have at least 10x more life experiences than being at home. New and beautiful scenery and settings are food for the soul.

People are a great reason to travel. Whether you like to make friends abroad or just to watch others, travel is a great way to watch and interact with other people as opposed to watching them on TV.

TV. I always think of the movie The Matrix. When we are at home we tend to plug ourselves into political or antique programs out of boredom, much like plugging yourself into the Matrix. Go away and you don’t even need TV. What is around you is far more exciting.

Timing. It’s still hot on Cote D’Azur, you have my word for it! If you book a trip this week you will enjoy a balmy 28’C here instead of the grim weather you might be experiencing at home.

Cost. Right now is a great time to grab a bargain in Europe. The weather is still hot but the kids are back at school so you can enjoy some of the top hotels in the world for a fraction of their summer rates.

Exercise. When I am at home and the weather is bad, I spend a great deal of time at my desk. When i am away, the sun is out and I walk and swim and do things that are healthy and good for you.

Breakfast. I LOVE a hotel breakfast. Stuffing yourself with food that has been lovingly prepared for you without having to bother shopping for groceries and cooking.

Evening cocktails. We spent last night at Four Seasons Cap Ferrat. We had a glorious evening of drinks next to a brilliant live band followed by a mouthwatering meal at Le Veranda under a starlit sky. It was perfect. Your local pub just isn’t the same.

Burt Renolds. He has just left us, and he left after saying “Nobody had more fun than I did”. Life is short. Make sure you spend it having fun.

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