Upgrade Yourself On Your Next Flight Absolutely Free


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Have you ever heard of self-upgrading? Basically, you book yourself into economy, but find an empty seat in business class and plonk yourself in that seat.

There are few bargains left in the world, the exception being our own luxury travel auctions where you can bid on your dream holiday for a fraction of their value, but a self-upgrade is indeed a bargain. You are GUARANTEED an absolutely free flight upgrade into business class.

The catch, of course, is that anybody who notices you upgrading without paying is likely to grass you up, so the probability of you remaining in your chosen business class seat for more than a few minutes is slim.

For most of us, the potential SHAME of being escorted back to economy surely overrides the joy you could get from the slim possibility of retaining your free business class seat.

But there are some people are willing to give it a try, as you can see from the video below. This American woman was dragged out of business class on Korean Air and down the aisle after a self-upgrade.

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