Suspended! British Airways Stewardess Who Videoed, Smelled & Sold Used Tights

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What do we think of the British Airways stewardess who videoed herself taking off and smelling her used tights before selling them online? You have to admire her for her innovative sales techniques and monetising herself to the max, but how can she possibly have thought that she wouldn’t eventually be identified and suspended, which, of course, is exactly what happened.

British Airways spends a great deal on its reputation, and in my experience, most of their flight attendants are excellent. I think their pilots are some of the best in the world. That said, the wages for flight attendants tends to be poor, so it is perhaps understandable that this stewardess wanted to supplement her income. Yes, British Airways can’t be expected to employ staff who are monetising your underwear, but perhaps they should look at the wages of their staff before casting judgement?

Note: The flight attendant pictured above is not the flight attendant in question.

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