Is This The Worst Airline In America?


Is the worst airline in America United? American? Nope, the prize for the new worst airline in America goes to Via Air and here’s why.

Via Air just beats Sun Country Airlines to the worst spot. Sun has a bad, bad reputation. In April, Sun apparently stranded hundreds of passengers in Mexico when the airline cancelled its last flights of the season. They offered customers refunds and told them to go buy fares for their trips at the last minute from other airlines… at last minute prices.

So what happens when Via Air cancels your flight?

According to this article from View From The Wing and based on correspondence with passengers and with a former customer service agent with the carrier, apparently the airline tells you they’ll reimburse whatever it costs to fly another airline, and then they just don’t send the cheque!

In February Via Air authorized $5100 USD for a family of four to buy walk-up tickets on United at the end of a holiday weekend and never sent the cheque. In June, four months later, the airline responded about the $5100 USD. The family could have $800 USD and the rest in travel vouchers.

According to a former Via Air call center agent, “call takers were told by management to tell stranded customers the airline would fully reimburse ticket costs on a competing airline as well as rental car costs when Via Air would cancel a flight” but that this month they changed the policy to be travel vouchers only.

Bottom Line 71% of Via Air TripAdvisor reviews are poor or terrible. Need we say more!

Many thanks to View from The Wing who covers this news item in more detail, for this fascinating insight.

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