Why Emirates Business Class Is Rubbish


Emirates sells itself as a luxury airline. The reality is that First Class is undoubtedly excellent, but the Emirates Business Class seats and cabin fall short, with gaudy interiors and Business Class seats that come up much narrower than most of their competitors.

Emirates Business Class is not altogether rubbish. The above statement should finish with “when compared to other similar airlines”. Certainly, Emirates Business Class beats its Economy experience. But when you compare Emirates to similar airlines on similar routes, if you are traveling in Business Class, you would probably get a better in-flight snooze if you choose one of its competitors.

How Are The Business Class seats on Emirates?

Taking the Emirates A380 as the example, the Business Class seats onboard the A380 are 18,5 inch (47 cm) wide. This is only slightly wider than the Emirates A380 Economy Class seats, which have a width of 17,5 inch (45 cm). This means that the Emirates A380 Business Class seats are too narrow, especially in the lie-flat


Each seat comes with a touchscreen tablet (for the seat position & lighting controls, as well as the controls for the in-flight entertainment) and a console on the side. The latter holds a personal minibar, stocked with soft drinks and juices, a universal power supply, a USB port, reading light and another handset for the in-flight entertainment on the side. The fold-out tray table is hidden in the armrest below the console. In front of each seat is a large 17-inch entertainment touchscreen with a generously sized ottoman below.

The width of these seats means that the Emirates’ Business Class hard product is largely inferior to competitors. Unlike it’s First Class product which is pretty brilliant in all aspects.

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