Tempting? Private Jet Flights For Just $280…


Please note that Luxury Travel Diary is in no way associated with ZED Aerospace or Aura, so you may want to join the waitlist BUT do your own due diligence before committing any cash to join up.

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with the delightful Zander Futernick about his private jet venture that promises to change the face of business travel across the US and the world. Zander’s FlyAurua is offering luxury private jet flights from as little as $280. It could be a game changer!

In 2016, Futernick founded ZED Aerospace: a Miami-based startup dedicated to developing innovative in-flight technologies. Backed by investors from the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, project AURA offers private jet tickets for a similar price to Business or First Class on legacy carriers. Zander says the figures work, they don’t even need to completely fill their planes to make the venture profitable.

Zander’s concept is simple, FlyAura will fly you in more luxury with more flexibility for cheaper than a Business Class ticket. Crucially, by avoiding commercial airports, fees are kept to a minimum and ridiculously low fares are made possible.

AURA members, or “KeyHolders,” can book unlimited flights and enjoy fixed fares on all routes, along with preferred seating and a flexible cancellation policy.

Joining requires paying a one-time initiation fee of $700 and a monthly fee of $250, but if you sign up before July 31 you are entitled to a $100-per-month key for life and an initiation fee waiver. By comparison, c has a $3,000 initiation fee and a $4,950 annual fee for individual memberships.


FlyAura.com lists one-way KeyHolder prices below. The first price is for their FIRST seating, the second price is for their premium WAVE seats:
$330 $680 CHICAGO NYC
$330 $680 NYC CHICAGO
$330 $680 NYC ATLANTA
$330 $680 ATLANTA NYC

The Aircraft

AURA offers a newly-crafted flying experience, with upgraded seats on a Bombardier CRJ700 aircraft, which will accommodate just 29 passengers.


First is in the rear cabin but it’s far beyond what commercial airlines put up front in Business Class. First features the widest seats with the most legroom of any domestic first-class service in the United States. Our 20-inch wide seats provide maximum comfort and our 44-inches of pitch means you can actually cross your legs.

FIRST passengers are treated to private airport service, a rotating menu of fusion tapas, SushiBar selections, and a curated list of wine, liquor, and cocktails. High-speed WiFi, a complimentary iPad Pro, and a SkyLights Virtual Reality headset are all available for use onboard.


This is AURA’s premier classs. With an exclusive eight-passenger cabin designed by Swiss private jet designers, WAVE defines luxury and elegant interior design. WAVE guests may Book The Cook, custom ordering a full five-course meal prepared on board. WAVE offers a level of service exceeding that of a private jet.

The signature WAVE cabin features the revolutionary zero-gravity AÏANAWAVE seat, designed by YASAVA Solutions with research from aero-medical sciences and sleep psychology. The seat features a mattress design of superior thickness and optimized reclines for multiple body positions that allow for better circulation, improved breathing, and a reduction of the dangers of DVT.

Other than the prices, there are some huge advantages of flying Aura;


You only need to arrive at the airport only 20 minutes before takeoff which must be a winner for all Business Travellers.


AURA will be operated by Presidential Aviation, an established FAA Part 135 private jet operator with an impeccable 20+ year safety record. Presidential’s safety protocol is based on FAA and ICAO standards are developed under the guidance of the Air Charter Safety Foundation. Dedicated to excellence in safety, Presidential Aviation has been awarded prestigious ARGUS Gold rating and Wyvern Wingman certification.


You get to fly from the hangar; a must for any aviation enthusiast! They say “The perfect airport has no terminals, no concourses, no trains, no moving walkways, no gates, no jetbridge. Flights depart from private hangars separate from the cramped atmosphere of commercial airports.”


Book the cook is the WAVE signature dining experience. Select a cut of beef, lamb, chicken, duck, or fish from the MEATLOCKER and they’ll prepare it to your standards on board, using precision sous vide thermal techniques. Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Kosher, and Halal options are available on all flights. The beef is grass-fed. Never frozen. Cooked on board for you.

But even in FIRST you will be treated to a far superior offering to commercial airlines. Enjoy a seasonal and geographically-unique menu of fusion tapas, offering a wide selection of warm dishes influenced by global cultures. From traditional Spanish tapas to Chinese dim sum and Mediterranean meze.

Both FIRST and WAVE guests are welcome to a daily selection of fresh sushi and sashimi on-board. The fish selection and its catch location will be available in the AURA app prior to departure.

AURA also offers a full bar with the perfect wine, plus coffees, teas, sodas, and fresh juices are available to all passengers along with a variety of Lindt chocolates, ice cream, pies, cakes, tarts, mousse, and artisan sweets.


Complimentary high-speed WiFi and SKYLIGHTS VR entertainment will mean that you can enjoy your own private movie theatre with the latest blockbusters, trending series and documentaries in 3D, 2D and 180° on a full HD, IMAX-style screen.

Clean toilets

AURA is the most hygienic aircraft in the sky. In addition to superior air filtration on every aircraft, AURA lavatories will self-clean after every use. In only 20 seconds, nozzles positioned around the lavatory sanitize every surface, followed by ultraviolet lights killing 99% of all germs. The lavatory is quickly scented for the next guest.

The Catch

You can become a KeyHolder today but cannot book flights until 2019. Zander says “As soon as the Federal Aviation Administration approves AURA operated by Presidential Aviation, the schedule will be launched and tickets will go on sale.”


The current KeyHolder offer looks tempting, assuming the launch goes to plan and flights are bookable in 2019. If you want to snag this deal, you have just under a week to claim the $100 Founding KeyHolder offer. Please note that Luxury Travel Diary is in no way associated with ZED Aerospace, so I suggest that you do your own due diligence before committing.

If you want to wait until you can book actual flights, I highly recommend becoming a “guest to Aura” and signup to their mailing list for further updates. You have nothing to lose!

Until FlyAura launches, you will need to book on commercial airliners, so remember to check with our luxury travel concierge before booking to get further discounts on Business Class flights and free upgrades on luxury hotels.

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