Ryanair Terror As Passengers Bled Out Their Ears


I don’t recommend Ryanair for luxury travelers. I find the cabin colour scheme horrendous, and the safety sheet stuck on the back of the yellow headrest offensive and ugly.

If you are looking for a luxury flying experience, this is not it. That said, if you do decide to fly with them, take heed of this story.

A Ryanair plane traveling from Dublin to Zadar, Croatia diverted to Frankfurt Hahn airport in Germany after losing cabin pressure. Passengers heard a bang, the flight crew deployed oxygen masks, and the plane made an emergency descent down to 8000 feet.

The result? Terror, screaming, bleeding out of ears, and more. See some of the frighteningly bloody photos on View From The Wing.

The compensation…many passengers just got just €10 EUR for food from this terrifying experience and the resulting 13-hour delay.

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