The Malta Experience


A dose of history is great when you’re off on your luxury travels, and sometimes I stumble across a different way to consume my sightseeing! This is exactly the case with the rather fabulous award-winning audio visual show, The Malta Experience.


The Malta Experience takes place in Valletta, located in the St. Elmo Bastions on the central Mediterranean island of Malta. The location means not only can you watch the show, but you are also on the site of La Sacra Infermeria, an amazing state-of-the-art hospital built-in 1574 by the Knights of St John which was the most revolutionary hospital in Europe at that time. To reach the Malta Experience, you can access it by car via Barriera street or bus stop at the Valletta City Gate, which is just 15 minutes walk away.

The Show!

The Malta Experience gives you the fascinating opportunity to take a crash course in 7,000 years of Malta’s amazing history. As well as being educational and informative, it’s dramatic, uplifting, emotional, and very entertaining! Sitting in the purpose-built panoramic auditorium, you get a glimpse into the turbulent history of this small island nation that has somehow overcome unimaginable odds to survive and prosper. There’s something for everyone, the children will love it, and the history buffs among you will be enthralled. Beautiful imagery and a gripping commentary chronicle Malta’s unique history. It’s best to visit the attraction early on in your trip to Malta as it enables you to gain a deeper understanding of the islands, its people, and the places you’ll see during the rest of your holiday.

La Sacra Infermeria

The tour of La Sacra Infermeria is captivating. Its resident chemists invented several groundbreaking treatments, such as using honey to treat wounds and serving food on silver plates to prevent the spread of bacteria. The hospital could accommodate up to 2500 patients and had schools of Anatomy, Surgery, and Pharmacy. The underground basement location adds to the intrigue too!

Details of the Show

The show, which is available in 17 languages, lasts for 45 minutes, and afterward, there’s the guided tour of La Sacra Infermeria. The show takes place on the hour, every hour from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm during the week and from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm on the weekends and public holidays. Make sure to book in advance, too, as it’s popular; there have been over 4 million visitors to date!

The Malta Experience

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