Disgusting New Delta Uniforms & What Is Happening To The Old Ones


If you are a regular reader of Luxury Travel Diary, you will already know that we are less than impressed with the new Delta Air Lines staff uniforms.

I am quietly praying that, one day, one of the American airlines will take inspiration from Hainan Airlines uber-glam uniforms which I just love!

Whether you like or loathe the new Delta uniforms, they are being worn by the airline’s 60,000 uniformed employees, which begs the question; what is happening to the old uniforms?

I am happy to report that when over 1 million pieces of their old uniform are being retired, instead of ending up in landfills, to be upcycled and repurposed by Delta’s partner, Looptworks.

In the days ahead, Looptworks will transform any retired pieces that cannot be donated or reused through upcycling or down-cycling. “The value of this collaboration goes beyond waste diversion and the reuse of upcycled items. It also conserves a significant amount of water and eliminates carbon emissions,” said Scott Hamlin, sustainability expert and CEO of Looptworks.

Upcycling, or taking material that is set to be destroyed and using it to create a new product, will transform the former uniform pieces into items for purchase this October like laptop bags, travel kits and passport covers.

Down-cycling, or converting material into something of lesser value, will be used to turn leftover fabric into home insulation, punching bag contents and pet bed stuffing.

To add durability, leather from retired aircraft seats will be upcycled and woven into select products included in the Delta collection, which will be available for purchase this October.

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