Did your luggage arrive damaged when you collected it from the carousel after your last American Airlines flight? If so, you might get lucky, just like this American Airlines passenger…

When Kristen Horabin arrived back at Dallas Fort Worth Airport last Sunday, her bag did not appear on the carousel. After waiting by the carousel until the last bag had appeared, she was directed to a bin and discovered her belongings heaped in a pile, half of them destroyed and most missing.

“The suitcase was shredded,” Kristen told a news outlet “Most of the clothes that were left were shredded, and what was left was covered in black grease and toothpaste. There was a lot of toothpaste – it must have exploded on whatever impact there was.”

An American Airlines spokesperson confirmed to Fox News that Horabin was told to file a claim and within 24 hours of her report, American Airlines reached out to Horabin and apologized and told her they were sending her a $3,500 check for the damages and a $300 travel voucher, WFAA reported.

So next time your luggage is damaged, do not forget to file a claim with the airline immediately. You may have to buy new stuff, but $3,800 goes a long way!

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