Shockingly Small American Airlines Toilets Featured On The Daily Show


American Airlines has introduced new ultra tweeny 2-foot toilets on it’s newly densified planes. They are so small that they are now the subject of comedy sketches:

You will find these toilets on American Airline’s new 737 MAX, launched last year. These toilets are so tiny that, apparently, passengers can only wash one hand at a time. So tiny that you are likely to drench your clothes in water when you turn on the tap. So tiny that flight attendants at American Airlines have been complaining about them.

In fact, the cramped design of the planes means that when the doors of the two bathrooms at the back are open, the completely fill the corridor and cabin crew get stuck in the galley.

The rest of the plane isn’t a whole lot better.

The Good Bits

The gate-to-gate high-speed wifi on these American planes is very good, in concept at least, although there have been numerous reports about this wifi not yet working properly. There are also plenty of power sockets and the interior is bright with decent oversized overhead bins.

The Bad Bits

There is not enough room for a normal sized person to place their laptop on the tray and type comfortably. When compared to Southwest, with similarly densified cabins, American loses on this aspect. On Southwest, you can type and use a laptop in the space provided. On American, you can type, but only at an uncomfortable angle.


The new 30 inch pitch slimline seat is not really any worse than the existing US Airways Coach, it IS worse than the older American Airlines coach. It is also worse than Southwest, JetBlue and Alaska.

The toilets are tiny and therefore terrible. If you are blessed with a flight on these planes… hold it in!

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