Flight Nightmare: When Clapping Turns To Screams


I am a frequent flyer but I can’t help having the odd flight nightmare. Either in my pre-flight dreams or in severe turbulence, when I start questioning whether reaching my destination is worth the terror I am feeling at that moment. In reality, the destination IS almost always worth the temporary fear that I am experiencing on board…

On last Thursday a plane full of 169 passengers experienced one of my nightmares. Bravo Air MD-83 left Antalya, Turkey bound for Kiev, Ukraine. On arrival, the aircraft landed safely but then violently veered off the runway before coming to a stop.

Here is a passenger’s video of the landing from inside the cabin. Clapping is followed by screams (skip to 2 minutes 50 to see the action)

Thankfully there was mild damage to the plane, but everyone was fine.

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(HT: View From The Wing)

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