Emirates Confirms Premium Economy From 2020


Emirates’ president confirmed this week, that the Emirates will be introducing Premium Economy throughout its fleet in 2020. It will introduce Premium Economy on all of its new A380 and 777s from 2020 and plans to retrofit the seats onto some aircraft already in its fleet.

What To Expect From Emirates Premium Economy?

The carrier will introduce the seats on all of its new A380 and 777s from 2020 and plans to retrofit the seats onto some aircraft already in its fleet. A380s will have about 56 such seats in the front of the bottom deck of the aircraft while the 777s will have between 26 and 28.

Emirate’s new Premium Economy seats, or “sleeperettes”, will have a pitch of about 38 inches, up to 6 inches more than the current economy product, and will come with better service and food and a private toilet. Emirates spokespeople say there will also be nicer food and tableware, a larger entertainment screen, a fancier amenities kit, and occasionally, a more generous baggage allowance.

Of course, being Emirates, the offering will be glitzier (see my review of Emirates First Class to see how glitzy they go!), with more gold and colours than more traditional airlines, but the offering should be comparable.

Emirates partners with Qantas for many of its routes, and Qantas already offers Premium Economy on its Airbus A380 flights, so expect a similar Premium Economy product.

Equally, one can look to other Premium Economy offerings such as British Airways premium economy (pictured above) which I fly on a regular basis, or airlines such as American Airlines and Delta Airlines who are also launching a premium economy service to get an idea of what will be on offer.

Whatever Emirates does Etihad, Qatar Airways are likely to follow, so look forward to Premium Economy on all three airlines.

How much will Premium Economy Cost on Emirates?

Premium Economy usually costs between 1.5 and 2 times the cost of Economy. So a £500 GBP return flight London to Dubai in Economy is likely to cost around £1,000 – £1,500 GBP in Premium Economy.

The Future

Emirates actually feels that they have underestimated the demand for Premium Economy, which has better food, recline, and space. Remember, whether you are traveling in Economy or Premium Economy as you can now pay to enter the Emirates lounges pre-departure.

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