Delta’s New Uniforms Are Making Staff Sick!


If you haven’t already read our opinions on Delta’s new uniforms, let’s just say that unexciting and practical is about as positive as I can be. Read more about our disappointment in Delta along with our own solution.

Now to add insult to injury, these uninspiring uniforms are making Delta staff sick, with rashes, skin irritation and chafing! Delta is already offering alternatives to rectify the situation.

All would be forgiven if the uniforms looked nice. I have shoes that look fabulous but give me blisters and I still wear them. However, Delta’s new uniforms are more like a flip-flop or a slipper than a fabulous stiletto. There is no excuse for an uncomfortable pair of slippers.

I dream of the day Delta launches a fun and uplifting uniform… mystical birds, stars and stripes? I don’t care, but anything has got to be better than boring that itches.

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