Top 5 Beach Must Haves To Make Your Summer Vacation Brilliant


You’ve picked the most stunning luxury hotel, you have your eye on a lounger perfectly mid-way between the beach bar and the sea (for the occasional paddle you understand) but what else do you need to really MAKE your beach getaway? Here are my top 5 beach must haves to make your summer vacation brilliant…

Ripa Ripa Men’s Swimshorts

To ensure a trendy gent poolside, they simply have to be wearing the ultra-chic Ripa & Ripa Men’s Swimshorts.

Anna Laura Hoefer and Oliviero Muzi Falconi are the co-founders of one of Italy’s first brands to challenge men’s swimwear as we know it. Ripa & Ripa was born when Oliviero was looking for a new pair of swim shorts in Milan and decided to spend an afternoon going through stores. All of the shorts he found felt too synthetic, were covered in either sharks or penguins and made him feel like he was wearing a parachute. A search began to find someone who could make swimwear for them, stylish swimwear that seemed more appropriate for the fashion-conscious man.

Gone are the tacky numbers covered in sharks or penguins, instead enter understated elegance combined with contemporary design and traditional Italian craftsmanship. The drawstring swimsuit was redesigned for a tailored cut and manufactured in Italy with a keen eye for sartorial detail. The perfectly cut designs are inspired by the vibrant, stonewashed colours of the Mediterranean and by the retro aesthetics of vintage sailing boats; perfect for the stylish male to be super comfortable beachside.

For the ladies, it simply HAS to be a Heidi Klein bikini. I first came across her range in a designer shop in the Metropole shopping mall in Monte Carlo. Since then I have always associated her swimwear with the glamour and romance of the Côte d’Azur. What I like about Heidi’s bikinis are the styles, flattering cut and substantial material; the kind that does not go see-through in the pool! Her latest range is completely amazing and has got me smitten!

Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Chinotto Di Liguria

To help you smell gorgeous all holiday long (and actually this is also great to use once you’re back home, the scent will instantly take you back to your days on the beach) Acqua di Parma’s Blu Mediterraneo fragrances provide the perfect beachside scents. Acqua di Parma boasts a heritage of Italian lightness, style and craftsmanship. The latest Blu Mediterraneo fragrance special: Chinotto di Liguria weaves its own magic with the extremely rare chinotto fruit. Even the briefest encounter with its enticing bittersweet notes whisks you lightly away to sunlight, blue waves and a warm breeze; divine.

Gloryfy Sunglasses

Glamourous shades are super-important for any beach look and I adore Gloryfy sunglasses. As well as adding those vital style points they also add a fabulous touch of high-tech performance! Every year I seem to lose at least one pair of sunnies when they get stuck down the sun lounger and lose an arm or when I scratch them in the bottom of my bag. Problem solved with eyewear from Gloryfy. All their extremely lightweight glasses feature NBFX™ technology so even under extreme deformation are totally unbreakable, this includes the arms, frames and lenses. There’s a huge range of funky colours, chic styles, sizes and finishes in their collection too.

Heidi Klein kaftans

For those long days when the sun sets and the temperature drops a little, I like a kaftan to throw over my bikini. Luckily for me, Heidi Klein also do a stunning range of kaftans as well as their bikinis, so as well as keeping my shoulders warm it looks fabulous too. The Costa Rica Lace Trim Kaftan is my choice for 2018; light, delicate and in the prettiest shade of coral, these float-anywhere tassel-tied kaftans slip over swimwear for sunset-ready sojourns.

Bundle Beds for nights under the stars

For those heavenly days on the sands that you never want to end; when the tunes from the beach bar are pumping and the cocktails are flowing, simply snuggle under the stars beside your beach bonfire swag style with a Bundle Bed; just unroll and zip in! The easy, comfortable, readymade travel bed is ingenious in design as it self-inflates in less than one minute, is insulated and even includes a duvet and pillow; leaving you warm and cosy so those summer nights don’t have to end!

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