Flight Review: British Airways B767 Business Class Nice To London Heathrow


In this trip report, I review British Airways B767 in Business Class, Nice to London Heathrow. Usually, when we fly between Nice and London, be it on the Gatwick or the Heathrow route, we fly in British Airways Business Class on the A231, which I have reviewed. Sometimes, British Airways also flies a larger, aging Boeing 767 built in 1994 on this route, and we flew on this on our return trip from a trip to Nice.

On this flight, we were traveling in Club Europe in a cabin right at the front of the plane. The cabin was split into a Club Europe cabin at the front and an Economy cabin behind. The Club Europe over-spilled into the front of the middle cabin, in front of the Economy seats. If you are looking for an exclusive cabin, you should choose the front cabin. This is because in the middle cabin Business Class seats are only split from the Economy seats by a curtain divider. The Business Class seats offered decent space, and the flight was a pleasant experience, although the cabin felt in need of a refresh.

If the recent rumors of British Airways planning to buy out Norwegian airlines are true, I think the new planes and modern cabins will be a blessed relief, at least in comparison to this particular BA plane.

Best Seats In The Business Class Cabin

To be honest, there is little to choose between the seats in the Business Class seats, but I would suggest opting for the front cabin for a marginally more exclusive feel. Those in the main cabin suffered more from noise. The layout was 2-2-2, so if you were a couple or prefer a window view, I would recommend seats A, B, or K, J.

Best Worst In The Business Class Cabin

There is not much to choose between the seats, but I would avoid the main cabin and opt for the seats in the front cabin.


Food was the British Airways afternoon tea which was not noteworthy but was nice enough and filled me up. British Airways remain generous with pretty much-unlimited drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, during the flight, which is appreciated even though I only usually have a diet coke. It’s nice to have the option.

Staff & Pilot

The pleasant staff and jolly pilot are a major reason for me choosing to fly British Airways. The pilots always seem competent and are said to be some of the most qualified pilots in the air. I certainly appreciate their efforts in keeping passengers updated with conditions, turbulence, and generally trying to jolly up the flight.

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Overall this Business Class flight experience was fine. The staff, as always, tend to make what would be a mediocre experience into a good one. Once back in Heathrow I had parked with Pod Parking which is a seamless experience from the conveyor belt to the car.