Flight Fun: Is This The Largest Lavatory In The Sky?


Does it make a travel nerd, if I am positively delighted by a large toilet facility on a plane? Most of my flights are on British Airways in European Business Class, which I book for free on air miles. Sadly, the lavatories on British Airways European flights are tight, and they are getting even smaller with new, more densified planes. It is easy to spray yourself with the tap (as you are jammed so close to the sink) whilst feeling like you are being sucked out of the plane when you press the flush. Yes, most plane toilets are tiny.

Not so on my last British Airways flight on British Airways A380 in Business Class, HKG To LHR. The bathroom was surprisingly spacious (see picture above). In fact the whole flight experience was rather good, even though British Airways Business Class currently falls below the Business Class experience offered it’s competitors, due to the fact that many of its seats do not have direct aisle access. Read more in my British Airways long-haul Business Class reviews for our latest travel experiences.

Of course, this is not the best toilet facility in the sky. Just look at the Emirates First Class Shower suite! But I was more than pleasantly surprised by the size of the bathroom on the British Airways A380 and for a lavatory without a shower facility, it has to be one of the largest and best in the sky!

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