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I hate the phrase “fake diamonds” as it suggests you are not wearing something which is not as beautiful or as sparkly as the real deal. In fact, carefully designed fake diamond jewellery and in particular earrings, are just as beautiful as real diamond jewellery. Certainly, without an eyeglass and an expert eye, no-one will know whether you are wearing something that cost £50 GBP or £5,000 GBP.

I love Blomdahl earrings because they look like I’m wearing real diamonds, but the jewels are, in fact, really beautiful Swarovski crystals. They look so good that when I wear them around my favourite hotels in Monaco, I am sure the staff think I have a large selection of near-priceless jewellery, and of course, I feel like a million dollars.

Unlike other jewellery, Blomdahl is unique in that it does not irritate my skin either. My earrings can be worn non-stop with no irritation at all. It is worth mentioning that most costume jewellery contains nickel, which people are commonly contact-allergic to, but jewellery can contain many other allergenic substances, such as cobalt, gold, epoxy and acrylates. Cheap jewellery can even contain toxic, carcinogenic or other inappropriate substances such as lead, cadmium, formaldehyde, phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA).

Blomdahl skin friendly jewellery is safe and developed in consultation with skin specialists. Their earrings that are proven to be skin friendly. Many allergic people who have tried their jewellery testify that they can wear earrings for the first time and I am one of these people.

Blomdahl jewellery offers some of the best imitation diamond earrings in the world. I love it and I gift this jewellery to my family and friends whenever I get the chance, it never fails to delight! Everyone loves sparkles!

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