Disappointing New Delta Airlines Cabin Crew Uniforms Launch


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Delta Air Lines is launching it’s new staff uniforms this month, in partnership with New York-based designer Zac Posen, but for this flyer, they are a let-down.

The new collection will be worn by the airline’s 60,000 uniformed employees. Uniforms will be different depending on whether staff work “over wing” (in the air) or “under wing” (on the ground) but Posen’s signature “Passport Plum” suits will be worn by female cabin crew, while men will be in “Graphite Grey” with purple ties and pocket squares. Delta’s customer service agents, Red Coats, will wear “Cruising Crimson”. The new designs will be officially unveiled in a fashion show on May 29.

Delta Air Lines isn’t the only airline to employ a fashion designer to create its uniforms; Virgin Atlantic hired Vivienne Westwood a few years ago and Air France has worked with Christian Lacroix.

What Do We Think?

If you like purple or grey, these new uniforms will float your boat, but in my humble opinion, these are far from the best in the skies. They are awfully practical and not very exciting. Dare I say it “Dull and practical”. By contrast, the Chinese carrier Hainan Airlines has uniforms that can only be described as stunning (pictured above).

The Hainan Airlines uber-glam range combines classic Asian aesthetics with modern Western silhouettes. Inspired by the ‘Cheongsam’, the female crew uniforms feature lots of traditional Chinese imagery. On the lower hem of the colourful form-fitting dress, a pattern of alternating sea and mountains contrasts with the collar’s auspicious clouds and sky. This draws a comparison between a Hainan aircraft that has just taken off and ‘the roc’, a mythical Chinese bird, expressing strength as it lifts into flight.

Life can be dull and monotonous. Flying away enables us to escape the grey and the everyday monotony. I love that the Hainan Airlines are so glamorous that they alone will cheer up your day. Come on Delta! Forget practical! I want my to see Delta employees wearing something fun and uplifting… mystical birds, stars and stripes? I don’t care, but your new offering falls short.

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