Are You Being Spied On In Your Hotel Room? (& How To Check)


Your hotel room may look innocent enough, but how do you know that you are not being spied on? View From The Wing is one of my favourite travel bloggers and he has published a cracker of a post about what to look for, to find out if you are being spied on. I couldn’t resist sharing his tips.

In a nutshell, it is easy to set up spy paraphernalia in hotel rooms before a guest arrives, so if you are important or interesting enough to be the subject of spy equipment, you need to look out for:

White powder (evidence of drilled plaster) laying near wall or vanity areas, as these areas could be pinholes installed in walls from a neighbouring room.

Look for ordinary objects in odd places, unusual static or sounds coming from the hotel phone, or new paint or plaster. Ceiling vents are also, apparently, excellent places to hide monitoring devices.

Of course, Gary points out that most of us are not interesting enough to fall under investigation, nonetheless, to find out where in the world your hotel is most likely to be bugged, have a read of Gary’s article.

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