Absolute Best Mile Redemption For Return Business Class Flights To Dubai


Sometimes I use Luxury Travel Diary as a reference platform for myself, parking details of the absolute best deals and loopholes which I will use at a later date. This deal offers the best mile redemption for return Business Class flights to Dubai and was highlighted on HeadforPoints here.

This is an ongoing “loophole” and in a nutshell, enables you to fly from Europe to the Middle East in Business Class for 35,333 Amex Rewards Points RETURN by converting my Amex Rewards to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles and taking advantage of the loophole outlined below. The flight would most likely to be routed on Lufthansa Business Class via Frankfurt or SWISS Business Class via Zurich. Both of these are excellent Business Class products (and arguably better than British Airways). By comparison, British Airways wants up to 120,000 Avios on a peak day for a return Club World flight to Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

You need to:

1.Get the Amex International Dollar Card, which is run out of Brighton and only available to non-US residents. This card can be applied for by calling up Amex Brighton. Most Amex agents have never gone through the process so you may need to call a few times to find one who can take you through thr process.
2.Transfer your Amex Membership Rewards balance to your International Dollar Card’s MR account. Under Amex rules, your MR balance is grossed up by the current $ exchange rate, currently $1.42 USD per £1 GBP, when transferred, so 100,000 points becomes 142,000 points.

You can read a detailed report of how you should action this on HeadforPoints. Rob excellent at explaining this kind of detailed transaction. Also, remember that you cannot do another transfer for 12 months so think carefully about how many you want to move.

Bottom Line

I am planning to book 3 return Business Class flights to Dubai next year. If I do this using the trick above, it will cost me 150,000 Krisflyer miles. Using the route above, I need to transfer 106,000 Amex Rewards to get 150,000 Krisflyer miles. This means each Business Class ticket will cost me 35,333 Amex Rewards Points RETURN.

By comparison, to travel to Nice in France in Club Europe, which is not “proper” Business Class and a mere 2 hours in the sky, costs 15,500 rtn Off Peak + £50 GBP in fees or 18,000 + £50 GBP fees Peak per person, so 46,500 Off Peak for 3 or 54,000 Peak for 3 people return.

Europe to South East Asia, costs 85,000 KrisFlyer miles one-way in Business, so this is another route you can utilize this loophole on. You can fly direct to Singapore on Singapore Airlines for that price, but if you can’t find seats on your dates then you should get something on Thai, Lufthansa, SWISS etc.

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