5 Unusual Ways To Beat Jet Lag On Your Summer Vacation


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In this article, I outline 5 unusual ways to combat your jetlag and ultimately feel better when you reach your final destination, wherever it may be!


The Lumie Zest is such a compact light that you can use it to reduce your jet lag before your flight, and you can also take it with you on your travels. This 2-in-1 device combines a standalone SAD light with a wake-up alarm that functions as a dawn simulator. You can, therefore, set it to whichever time zone you prefer, by changing the time of your dawn, and get your body used to the different wakeup times before you travel.

The front of the unit just features the LCD display and the LED light array. There are two buttons on the top; one to activate the “sunrise” function, plus a snooze button. Four additional recessed buttons at the rear let you delve into other settings and modes. These include the alarm time, final sunrise brightness, sunrise duration (15 or 30 minutes), alarm volume and display brightness.

Using the Zest as a dawn simulator is a great way of acclimatising your body to different dawn times before you fly away.


This is an unusual one but it really works (at least for me). I feel uneasy when I arrive in a new destination. The unfamiliar bed and smells make my mind race when it should be calming down. I use room fragrance to recreate home when I am away and I find that I go to sleep noticeably faster as a result. Plus my hotel room always smells super nice!

Drink (in Moderation)

They say you shouldn’t drink on a flight as it makes you groggy, but I have NEVER slept on the plane without a tipple to get me off. Airports are stressful as is flying, so a small glass of wine or beer (complimented with a water, of course) is not always the worst thing to do when trying to get some sleep in the sky. If you manage even 30 minutes of shut-eye you are less likely to feel like a zombie when you arrive.


Do you have a favourite pillow? One that fits your head just right, feeling snug but not too snug that gives you a good night’s sleep. For goodness sake, pack the darned thing. If it helps you get to sleep at home, the chances are that it will do the same when you are away. This is definitely the easiest and cheapest way to improve your sleep when away from home.

I went one step further when I was away in Austria last year. The hotel was superb, but the beds were super hard, so princess and the pea-style, I requested two spare duvets and packed them in under my undersheet turning my plank-like bed into what I can only describe as a cloud. Combine your cloud with decent quality earplugs, a glass of wine and some Austrian cheese, and you’re in with a good chance of sleeping like a baby!

Upgrade Your Flight

There is one more way to beat jet lag. Upgrade and travel in Business or First. This way you have a chance of sleeping on your flight as you will probably have a flatbed on the flight. You can then arrive at your destination refreshed. Of course, an upgrade isn’t cheap but we share some handy tips on how to upgrade for free here.

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