Skyroam Unlimited Mobile WiFi: Connecting Travellers


Last time I was in Australia it cost a huge amount to keep in touch with work and loved ones back at home. Now I have a brilliant solution that eliminates my huge data bill and means that I always have a reliable Wi-Fi connection. The Skyroam Solis is the All-in-One Global 4G LTE Hotspot and Power Bank that connects travellers with International Wi-Fi and mobile charging capabilities. And in even better, hot news; they now have launched “Anytime, Anywhere” unlimited mobile Wi-Fi Subscriptions, as well as their Day Passes, so now it’s even easier to stay connected!

Finding reliable Wi-Fi access at a reasonable cost is a hugely frustrating part of the modern traveller’s life. There’s also the problem of running out of mobile data, and with most British travellers using up to three times their normal data while travelling abroad, this is a common occurrence. Now these headaches can all be eliminated; the Skyroam Solis is the ultimate holiday gadget and eliminates expensive data charges within and outside of the EU.

The Skyroam Solis currently gives over 15 million happy globetrotters the convenience of going from one country to another without having the hassle of configuring local SIMs, updating plans, or incurring roaming charges and over-usage fees. Even when you can find Wi-Fi abroad, the Skyroam tends to be faster and more reliable with incredibly fast internet speeds in over 110 countries. It’s neat and easy to use and can be used for up to five gadgets simultaneously at no extra cost through Skyroam’s virtual SIM network.

Following the successful launch of the Skyroam Solis, Skyroam has now introduced a monthly global portable Wi-Fi service for everyday use at home and abroad. The much-requested new Unlimited Monthly Subscription enables continuous global Wi-Fi and connectivity anytime, anywhere and costs just £72 GBP per month. This gives you 30 days of unlimited data, it’s always on, no activations are needed, you sign no contracts and you can cancel anytime. It couldn’t be more straightforward, leaving you to get on with your travels, hassle-free.

For periods where you have several trips in a month or are going to be on-the-go constantly at home, we would definitely recommend the monthly subscription service, but if you are a more occasional traveller, a pay-as-you-go service may be more suitable. You can purchase Day Passes where you have access to the same unlimited data usage for just £7 GBP per day. You can buy more Day Passes anytime you need them and use as and when you wish. This way you only pay for what you use and can still enjoy secure, fast and global coverage anywhere, anytime!

These flexible options mean that however much you are travelling, there’s a suitable option for you so you can rely on receiving hassle-free, continuous global Wi-Fi for an affordable charge. No stressing about keeping in touch or being out of contact, leaving you to get on with the important job of enjoying those travels!


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