Is This The Most Depressing Airport Lounge In The World?


The Luxury Travel Expert stopped by this lounge at Mombasa airport in Kenya on a layover on his Condor Airlines Business Class flight from Frankfurt to Zanzibar. He describes it as “the least inviting lounge I have ever visited in my life”.

This lounge is the only lounge at Mombasa airport, so you have no choice if you want to sit in a Business Class lounge. As this expert has flown on most of the airlines in the world and has tried out hundreds of airport lounges around the world, you can be fairly confident that this is indeed the most depressing and very worst airport lounge in the world. If you know of a more depressing lounge, please feel free to drop me a line on our Luxury Travel Concierge page.

This large but depressing space features everything you need in a lounge: comfy seats, TV, air-con, tea, yogurt soft drinks, cake, yogurt, croissants and jam, computers, papers, and toilets. Alcoholic drinks could be purchased at extra cost.

But look at it! Drab, stained carpet, the seats have seen better days. This is not a space you would want to spend any time in at all!

This lounge was reviewed by our friends at Luxury Travel Expert.

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