Introducing the Uber of Luggage Delivery

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It’s one of the most irritating parts of all my luxury travels; having to lug my cases off endless luggage carousels. It’s tiresome and wastes valuable holiday time when I arrive! Well here’s a solution. Unicobag are the Uber of the luggage delivery world. Put simply; they transfer my bags to my destination so I don’t have to!

This can even save you money on a trip where your airline seat is cheap but the cost of taking hold baggage is ridiculous.

About The Unicobag Service

Unicobag is a brand-new return baggage delivery service. Its’ unique offering gives airlines and passengers across the USA the chance to resolve the age-old luggage headache. Avoid the furious fight in a hot and packed arrivals hall to spot your luggage as it drifts past you on the baggage carousel. Instead, this infinitely easier and stress-free option means a Unicobag Driver collects your bags and delivers them right to your door. As with Uber, you make all the arrangements with a clever app so even the booking stage couldn’t be easier.

As well as helping to make passengers lives easier, Unicobag also lets airlines deliver their mishandled bags and books and tracks the bags at every stage.

How does it work?

So how do you arrange this? Well, it’s all very straightforward:

  • Book an Order: Unicobag allows you to book an order prior to arrival with the app so you can relax and enjoy your flight
  • Unicobag Driver Picks Up Your Bags: rather than you fighting at the arrivals baggage carousel, the driver is dispatched and navigates to the airport. He then collects your bags from the baggage carousel on your behalf
  • Track Now: the very handy real-time driver tracking means you can stay updated on the exact whereabouts of your bags
  • Reunion: your bags are delivered directly to you at your destination. You don’t have to lug heavy bags about Unicobag do all that for you, all you need to do is relax and start enjoying your holiday time!
  • At the end of the process, once you’ve been reunited with your baggage, you can rate your driver for customer service to ensure continual service improvement


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