I jet about on British Airways In European Business Class for free with my Free Amex Gold Card, but my friend Alex has taken point collecting to a whole new level. He has been flying himself and his wife around the whole world in First and Business Class for free (just paying taxes and fees). Below we grill Alex about his latest trip, but before you go green with envy, remember that you too could be flying about like this with just a couple of credit cards and clever planning.

Alex flies from his home in America, all over the world in First Class all paid for using credit card points. He says that “anyone can do it” and shares his favourite FREE American Credit Card to get you started.

He also recommends the US Amex Gold which is also free to apply for and will almost double your initial point bonus. If you are UK based, the UK Amex Gold card is free and similarly good. Drop me an email if you would like a referral with bonus points.

Tell Us About Your Latest Trip?

In 2017, I surprised my wife with a 24-day trip around the world. We took 3 first-class flights in airline suites and apartments and 2 business class flights. We spent more than 52 hours in the air drinking champagne and eating luxurious food travelling to Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, and Dubai.

The full price for our trip would have cost around $55,000. If we flew economy, it would have cost us $4,620. But by using our points (311,000 in total), we paid only $2,173 to fly around the world (essentially just taxes and fees)!

I Want To Do This Too! Tell Me Where To Start!

I have put together an easy guide which covers the first credit card that everyone should take out and start collecting on as it’s free. If you and your other half apply, you should collect between 50,000 & 75,000 points each which will get you well on the way to flying about in style.

I Can’t Wait And Want To Travel In Business Now!

If you don’t have time to collect miles for your next trip. You can save money on flight and book Business and First Class cheaper by booking via our Luxury Travel Concierge. You have nothing to lose by asking for a quote. Our Concierge can also help with added benefits like upgrades and free breakfast at luxury hotels like the Four Seasons.

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