Flight Review: British Airways B767 Economy Nice To London Heathrow

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In this trip report, I review British Airways B767 in Economy, Nice to London Heathrow. Usually, when we fly between Nice and London, be it on the Gatwick or the Heathrow route, we fly in British Airways Business Class on the A231 which I have reviewed. It was, therefore, a surprise when we boarded a Boeing 767, built in 1994, for our return trip from a rather rainy April break in Monaco. You can find out what Economy (or Coach) is like on other planes in our other British Airways Economy Class flight reviews.

We usually fly European Business Class on British Airways for free on air miles and American Express Rewards which convert directly to Avios (along with other airline miles). If you are looking to collect more Avios, you can collect 82,000 Avios in just 3 months with my guide.

However, on this trip, I was running low on Avios and booked into the Economy cabin. The cabin was split into a Club Europe cabin at the front and an Economy cabin behind. The Economy cabin was split further, with Club Europe spilling from the front cabin into the main cabin (with a curtain divider). At the exit row, the main cabin was split again, so you in effect had two Economy cabins. A middle and back cabin. We were in row 25 which was almost at the back of the middle cabin.

Both cabins felt dated, in line with the plane age, being built in 1994. If the recent rumours of British Airways planning to buy out Norwegian airlines are true, I think the new planes and modern cabins will be a blessed relief, at least in comparison to this particular BA plane. Certainly, both the Business and Economy the cabins felt in need of an overhaul.

Best Seats In The Economy Cabin

To be honest, there is little to choose between the seats in the cabin. The layout was 2-3-2 so if you were a couple or prefer a window view, I would recommend seats A, B or K, J. The seats in the exit row splitting the Economy cabin in two, which was row 27, had a huge amount of leg room and was across the aisle from the toilet. These were probably the best 4 Economy sets on the plane.

Best Worst In The Economy Cabin

Our seats; 25 F,E,D (our seats) may well have been the worst seats on the plane on our flight as we had crying babies both in front and behind us which seemed to set each other off and made the flight pretty unpleasant. The noisy passengers are, of course, not the fault of British Airways!

Staff & Pilot

The pleasant staff and jolly pilot are a major reason for me choosing to fly British Airways. The pilots always seem competent and are said to be some of the most qualified pilots in the air. I certainly appreciate their efforts in keeping passengers updated with conditions, turbulence and generally trying to jolly-up the flight.


Food was from the latest British Airways M&S paid menu. You can also spend Avios on the British Airways Economy food menu. It was not noteworthy.

Overall this flight experience wasn’t great. The seat was large enough, the leg room was fine and in fact felt more spacious than the usual A231, but I don’t much like being located in the middle of the plane. I was left with regret that I didn’t book into Business Class. Thankfully I had booked Pod Parking back at London Heathrow which was a fun end to a rather mediocre flight experience.

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