Disturbing: Rats Possibly With Plague, Courtesy Of American Airlines


This was the airline story of the week. Merry Cannon and her two young children, were joining her husband on a business trip to Europe. They flew with American Airlines, but the flight was cancelled due a broken windshield. This meant that they missed their connecting flight to Chicago and had to rebook on another flight into London.

The family was bumped up to Business and First Class “for all the trouble”. If you want a similar upgrade, you may want to read our 10 tips to upgrade your flight for free. Once they landed, the family discovered their luggage was lost.

When their luggage was returned to them it smelled bad. Really bad. At the bottom of her case, Merry found a stinky dead rat. But that is not the worst of it, a health inspector quickly visited and suggested that “the biggest concern would be the plague.” The one positive thing he did tell me, Merry shared with Fox News, was that “a dead rat is better than a live rat.”

It is worth mentioning that the luggage probably picked up the rat on the tarmac or in storage rather than on an American Airlines plane, but the luggage was the responsibility of American Airlines and they compensated accordingly.

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