Deadly Incident: There’s A Hole In Our (Southwest) Plane


If you ever need a reason to buckle up tight, then the possibility of being sucked out of a hole in your aeroplane side should be enough to convince you to “keep buckled”. This terrible incident happened on a Dallas-bound Southwest Airlines flight yesterday when a woman was sucked into a hole left by a shattered window. Other passengers struggled to pull a woman back into the plane but she did not survive.

I can’t comment on whether this poor woman was buckled up or not but this terrible incident poses a reminder that it is worth buckling in to stop yourself getting hurt in turbulent weather.

The cause of the hole in the plane?

Something in the engine broke off, probably a fan blade that was apparently was suffering from metal fatigue, and smacked into the window.

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly said: “This is a sad day and our hearts go out to the family and the loved ones of the deceased customer,” “We will do all that we can to support them during this very difficult time.”

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