I love to fly, I truly do! But I also have a morbid fascination about planes that have had mishaps and that have still managed to get on the ground safely. Here is a selection of terrifying photos and videos of plane “incidents”. You will be very happy that you weren’t flying on these particular passenger planes.

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The photo above and video was from a Delta engine that caught fire… Wow!

The second occurrence takes place on the way to Hawaii; one of my favourite places on earth. A plane engine disintegrated mid-flight! A passenger on the plane said that the plane started “shaking like crazy” for the duration of the last half hour of flight. You can actually see how the plane was jiggling about in the video below. Thankfully the plane landed safely with no major mishap.

The next photo above is from an Air France Airbus A380. The engine broke apart whilst it was flying over Greenland on route from Paris to Los Angeles (picture by Rick Engebretsen)

…And this is what happens if a bird gets sucked into the engine of your plane…

Finally, check out what happened when a Qatar Airways plane caught fire on the tarmac in Doha.

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