Upgrade Your Flight To First Free & Get The Cheapest Seat On The Plane


There is only one way to travel in First Class for free and it’s not by dressing up, smiling at stewardesses or calling up customer services and uttering a couple of magical words. This is not how to score an upgrade and will just make you look a little tragic.

The way to upgrade is to be clever with credit cards and to save free air miles so that you can book the best seats on the plane. You can get cheap seats by looking out for flash sales. If you want the cheapest seat on your flight, whether it is in Coach, Business or First, I can help you with this too!

So What Works? Discounts On Paid Tickets

If you want to book any premium flights or (luxury hotels), drop our Travel Concierge a line for free room upgrades, breakfasts, credit and more. We are almost always cheaper for Premium Economy, Business & First Class flights.

So What Works? Sign Up To Newsletters

Another suggestion is to hang out for sales. My favourite websites for keeping up with the latest flight offers and deals are:
HeadforPoints (UK only mainly British Airways Avios offers).
ViewFromTheWing (US based with offers across the US).

Sign up for their newsletters and you will be kept up to date with the latest flight sales in your region. It is also worth signingup to our own Luxury Travel Diary newsletter at the base of our pages.

So What Works? A Robot Lawyer!

Robot lawyer website DoNotPay (known for getting thousands of people out of parking tickets), claims to be the first-ever service to reduce the price of your flight after you have booked.

DoNotPay finds travel confirmations from past bookings in your inbox. If the price drops, their robot lawyer will find a legal loophole to negotiate a cheaper price or rebook you. Best of all, the service is free, at least for now. This robot will, apparently, find you the cheapest seat on the plane!

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