Two Words Will NOT Guarantee A Flight Upgrade & What Will


For the last week my inbox has been inundated with the same news article. “Just two words will get you a flight upgrade”.

This writer was actually talking about calling up the airline and asking whether Business Class seats were being released for miles upgrades (which you pay for with miles) on Virgin Airlines which means the title was a little misleading. By saying these two words down the phone “revenue management” you will NOT get a free upgrade. Not a chance!

The truth is that real complimentary flight upgrades are rarer than unicorns poo. Even worse, they are prioritised to those that travel in Business Class extremely regularly, which is never going to be your average leisure traveller. For your regular traveller, upgrades, like Hurricanes in Hertfordshire, hardly ever happen.

So What Works?

I travel In Business Class regularly for free, but it is my airmiles that get me my free upgrades and not luck. I collect these miles with my credit cards.

What If I Am Happy To Pay For My Business Class Flight But Want A Discount?

If you want to book any premium flights or (luxury hotels), drop our Travel Concierge a line for free room upgrades, breakfasts, credit and more. We are almost always cheaper for Premium Economy, Business & First Class flights.

Another suggestion is to hang out for sales. My three favourite websites for keeping up with the latest flight offers and deals are:
HeadforPoints (UK only mainly British Airways Avios offers).
ViewFromTheWing (US based with offers across the US).
GodSaveThePoints (US based with offers across the US).

Sign up for their newsletters and you will be kept up to date with the latest flight sales in your region. It is also worth signing up to our own luxury travel diary newsletter at the base of our pages.

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