The Best Beach Wraps For The Best Beaches


As the grey of the winter closes in, one tends to daydream of beaches and warmth. Days on the beach are a short flight away.

What to wear on these beautiful beaches? A stylish wrap to wear over your swimwear has got to be the number one choice.

Tish produces some of the most stunning wraps in the world. From inky black to Grecian ivory, there is every colour to choose from and the styles are classic and timeless.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you know it from day one, and every day after that you’re on the hunt for your Big Idea. So when Tish Grosek stumbled upon an Italian dress design and realized that she can turn it into a travel-friendly, fashionable and luxury solution for all her travel pain points, she knew she was on to something.

Everyone has felt the frustration of overpacking too many of the wrong clothes for a trip. Tish realized that she, and everyone she knew, was spending a fortune last-minute shopping before an event that she didn’t pack properly for, and when she did, her clothes always came out of the suitcase wrinkled. If everyone has this problem, why hasn’t there been a solution?

This was it, the Big Idea.

Tish set forth to create the WRAPIT by Tish — one quality dress with endless styling possibilities. With a stretchy, buttery-smooth fabric, the Wrap is designed for all body types, all occasions, and comes in timeless colors. It’s perfect for travel junkies: wrinkle-free, lightweight, and can easily transform into several outfits. Three-day trip? There’s a Wrap style for each day. Pool-side beach cover-up, day-time shopping, night-time dress to impress — for virtually every occasion, the Wrap has you covered.

While living in Puerto Rico in 2012, Tish made the first Wrap dresses on her dining room table with a yardstick and a cutter after scourging every local manufacturer for the perfect fabric. After weeks of perfecting and creating the first Wraps, word spread quickly, and the first 200 sold in record time. Thanks to community recognition, persistent sales in local boutiques and bazaars, and consistent orders, Tish soon found a mainland manufacturer and proceeded to trademark her name and incorporate her company.

“Wrapit by Tish” was officially in business.

Tish was able to take the Wrap from the dining room table to Sandals Resorts, Ritz-Carlton’s, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Rosewood Spas, and many more beautiful resorts and boutiques!

Tish has one goal: to help women around the world feel stylish, empowered, and confident in what they wear, one Wrap at a time.

Wrap It By Tish

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